• Art for your bedroom walls

    There's nothing more personal - more you - than your bedroom. The right bedroom wall art will put you soundly to sleep or inspire you to get your day off on the right foot. Check out our tips and ideas on choosing the right art for your bedroom walls, and explore our collection of exclusive wall art!

  • Catch Me by France Gaggioli


    Bedroom Art to built a dream on


    A good night's sleep is crucial to staying healthy and productive. The right bedroom art print can help you find a good night's sleep, and wake up and face the day. Still looking for the just the right artwork for your bedroom wall? Check our guide below for tips and inspiration!

  • What kind of atmosphere do you want in your bedroom?

    The bedroom isn't just where you power down at night - turn it into a destination. For an inspiring atmosphere, choose images that carry you off to distant places, like the stunning cityscapes in our collection of city art, or panoramic prints of forests and mountains in our line of nature art.

    What colors put you to sleep?

    Muted colors help you to relax. Perhaps more than any other color arrangement, black and white art creates an atmosphere of clarity and calm. In the end, it's up to you. The most important thing is feeling comfortable in your bedroom, and arranging your bedroom's color scheme in harmony with your own vibe. For more color options and our curators' opinion on the matter, check out our guide to color in art and shop art by color.

  • Sagesse by France Gaggioli


    Choosing the Right Theme for your Bedroom


    The impressions given off by your bedroom design choices influence your dreams, and give shape to the unconscious. Choose a print which exudes clarity and strength, a special feature of water photography.

    The ocean photographs by Wolfgang Uhlig capture the inconceivable vastness of the ocean. Slip into the meditative silence of a Swiss mountain lake captured by Rafael Graf.

    Calming landscape prints, like the bamboo and birchwood forests by André Wagner, put you right in the heart of the landscape.


    Large Art Prints for your Bedroom Walls


    What size and shape is right for your bedroom? Large formats make a major impact through their size. They grab your attention, engrossing you in the scene.

    Our large format art pieces are especially impressive when they harmonize with the rest of your bedroom decor. Your furniture, the color and texture of your curtains and the color of your walls should all be taken into account when deciding on the size and shape of a bedroom print.

  • Not a lot of free wall space in your bedroom? Not a problem - An arrangement of several small artworks is a great way to maximize limited wall space.

    We have plenty of ideas about how to hang and arrange multiple prints on a wall at once. View our art hanging ideas to read our curators' tips, and turn your bedroom wall into a gallery wall.

  • Take Charge of Your Bedroom's Feng Shui

    Finding bedroom decor which guarantees an atmosphere of harmony and balance is critical.

    According to the Chinese doctrine of Feng Shui, rooms should be built and shaped in order to allow "Qi", the positive life energy, to pass freely through.

    A choice of soft, natural colors goes a long way towards freeing up the room's energies. Earthy tones in particular generate a warmer atmosphere. Pastel art in colors like light blue, green, or lilac do the same, but a viewer's attention is also drawn to a more explicit range of color. Stay away from sharp contrasts, which can be major Qi blockers. Try to harmonize your bedroom walls, artworks, and furniture within one color family!

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