Choosing paintings and prints.

By Kel Flaunders

Article from Expat Living (Singapore) Home & Property, October 2019

Buying art for the home is an incredibly personal experience, as we all see something different. You may be looking for a piece to invoke a memory, to complement your interiors or to even make a big, bold statement. We spoke with readers about the artworks hanging in their homes.

Lauren Gibson, Australian

I’m actually an artist but I’ve been on a 12-year hiatus (because, well, life and children happened!) so my skills are very rusty. I was looking for a way to wake up my creativity, but without too much pressure. I saw an article about various workshops in Singapore and the Himapan Studio one stood out – it looked unique and fun. You don’t need to be an artist or have any significant skills to attend and produce something amazing.

The studio is lovely – and France makes a great cup of coffee! It was such a nice way to spend a few hours not worrying about anything else. The piece I created is now proudly hanging in our guest bedroom. I thought it would be a unique way to make the room feel welcoming.

It was the first piece of significant artwork I’ve produced in 12 years and everyone was just blown away by it – particularly my friends in Australia. It prompted my local Singapore friends to ask about the workshop, and two of them have attended since. While the initial canvasses all look so similar, the end results are all so different. The best part was that it got me talking about art again and gaining confidence in my skills. It has been almost a year and I’m regularly painting again.

I’ve already created three more lotus leaf paintings with Himapan and when I get time I will probably do more. I’d like to take some back to Australia as gifts, too!



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