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France Gaggioli Solo Exhibition

'Sea of tranquility' and 'Tropical storm' at Mercedes-Benz Showroom Singapore

ART and Abode is pleased to present the solo exhibition of the french artist France Gaggioli. Through this exhibition in Mercedes-Benz Showroom Singapore, you will discover in exclusivity the new works of the artist.

'Like the rising sun' and 'Tranquility' at Mercedes-Benz Showroom Singapore

In collaboration with ART+Abode, Mercedes-Benz presents paintings from artist France Gaggioli, the founder of ART+Abode. This April to June, come on down to the Mercedes-Benz Showroom to discover our full exhibition of France’s original artworks, that are imbued with her unique and versatile flair.

'Ocean Winds' at Mercedes-Benz Showroom Singapore

Exhibition Location

Mercedes-Benz Center - 301 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159968


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