Therapy in many forms.

By Dr Jade Kua.

Article from Dr. Jade Kua's blog, Paediatric emergency specialist and Mama to 3 teens, 3 tots, 3 dogs & a whole bunch of residents.

Art Therapy

There are many forms of therapy. Coincidentally, she encounters five different types over the span of 36 hours, before & after her night shift.

It’s the school holidays. My children are reveling in freedom from structure and generally running amok. This morning, I tell them we are going to a different sort of classroom, to their collective dismay. However they perk up when they realise it is an art class as they both love to paint. We find Himapan Studio hidden away in a warehouse on Pasir Panjang Road. The coach, France, gives each of them a lotus leaf board and some acrylic paints.

Over 2 hours, M5 uses brushes & sponges, employing a variety of techniques to create an organised symphony of colours. She even adds a couple of golden dragonflies in counterpoint to the lotus leaves. While France guides M5, she doesn’t make any decisions for her, so the work is completely hers.

In contrast, M4 decisively completes his masterpiece in 15 minutes. He covers his lotus leaves with renderings of Pokemon and lopes off for breakfast. Regardless, he has a great time and asks if he can have another lotus board. As I am considering returning for a session myself, I tell him he can come again with me.


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