5 Surprising Benefits of Scented Candles

Candle Fragrance

We all know that a scented candle is a fabulous luxury, bringing you peace and joy at the end of a hard day. But why do we love our candles so much?
Read on for some unexpected insights into the physical and emotional benefits of surrounding yourself with your fave colours and scents.

1. Candlelight Promotes Focus
Anyone who’s ever blown their birthday candles out has had a moment of hesitation: “Wow, everything looks amazing in this light!” That’s because candlelight is gentle, not overwhelming on the eyes like sunlight. Lighting a candle in a dark room makes shadows and angles more gentle, thanks to the warm softness of a candle flame. Your mind is able to focus and concentrate better as a result.

2. They Nourish The Environment
A scented soy candle releases soothing, health-reinforcing soy into the atmosphere, giving your body an extra sense of calm. Plus, soy candles don’t flood the air with harmful toxins - especially if their wick is treated with vegetable oil. Be a conscious candle-lover!

3. Scent is Connected to Memory
The most powerful of the 5 senses is scent. Certain aromas are connected to your memory, and choosing the right fragrances can connect you better to yourself and the things that make you happy. Revisit the best parts of you with your favorite smells.

4. Your Mood Can Change Based on Scent
Not only is your sense of smell connected to memory, it’s connected to your emotional receptors as well. Certain fragrances tend to promote positive emotions in everyone - including many floral scents like lavender and rose, which stimulate a sense of calm.

5. Candles Express Your Personality
Choosing the right candle says volumes about who you are. Plus, they accent any room beautifully. Whether you love fruity scents, woodsy scents, or something in between, lighting a scented candle marks your space as your own and empowers you.

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