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Art Digigraphie

Singapore, Philippe Matine.


Digigraphie® is a certified printing process, which enables photographers and visual artists to produce limited editions of their artwork.

Digigraphie® is a label of excellence that meets specific criteria and strict uses. All printed limited edition artworks are signed and stamped by the artist.

Launched at the 100th Salon d’Automne in Paris
 in 2003, the Digigraphie label is now recognised and reputed throughout the worldwide art community.

Barbade, Chacha by Iris

Certified Digigraphie® prints can be produced in-house or by an authorised laboratory using an Epson large format printer, Epson UltraChrome™ pigment inks and a range of certified Fine Art Paper.
More than 25,000 works are certified through the Digigraphie standard and many artists producing Digigraphie display their work on the Digigraphie website.


Digigraphie is committed to the quality and the authenticity of your work. From paintings and drawings to photos and computer art, Digigraphie® is recognised across the world.

1. Quality
Digigraphie prints reproduce artwork to a high quality, faithful to the original, as it has a wide colour gamut, deep blacks and bright white. Added to a selection of certified fine art papers, Digigraphie reproduces artwork to its full potential.

2. Durability
Digigraphie prints are guaranteed to last at least 60 years* independently certified by the Wilhelm Imaging research laboratory www.wilhelm-research.com, and LNE (Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d’Essais).
Digigraphie adds value to printed artwork for collectors, ensuring a lasting investment.

3. Authenticity
In order to guarantee the authenticity of the artwork, a Digigraphie has to be identified by a number of elements.
  • A dry or humid stamp identifying the producer details. There are three types of stamp, depending on the status of the producer.
  • A numbering classification to easily identify the Digigraphie is part of a series of originals that can be produced on demand.
  • A certificate of authenticity supplied with each Digigraphie.
  • The artists’ handwritten signature

4. Accessibility and information
The dedicated Digigraphie website www.digigraphie.com contains comprehensive details about the Digigraphie label, the artists, their work and proof of their authenticity.
Ten types of tracking criteria - for example by author, by lab, by country and by type of work.
Detailed information on each work, including:
  –  Total quantity produced and available for sale
  –  Format
  –  Type of art paper
  –  Artist details
  –  Laboratory (if relevant)

Quai de Seine, Hossein Borojeni


Every Digigraphie print is supported by a physical embossed seal of authenticity.
There are three different types of stamp, to show whether the print was created by the artist or in a certified laboratory, or in the case where the artist is deceased, it shows the relevant museum or beneficiaries.

  1.  The artist, in-house
  2.  An authorised laboratory
  3.  The relevant beneficiaries (descendants or museums, in the case where the artist is deceased) 

*Under particular atmospheric preservation conditions.

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