• Himapan Singapore

    Discover our Lotus leaf painting as an exclusive private workshop and as a ready-to-hang artworks

  • Lotus Leaf painting’s tradition is firmly rooted in Thai culture. With studios thriving in everywhere from Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Chile, Germany, France, USA... Himapan offers a unique and accessible opportunity to flex your creativity and produce an exquisite work of art to take home with you.

    About us

    Lotus flowers grow in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. Lotus flower and leafs symbolize the purity of heart and mind and we pick the leafs in an environmentally conscious way to protect the nature and wildlife of Thailand.
    Each lotus canvas is prepared individually hand made in our Himapan factory in Bangkok, a canvas is stretched over wooden bars or wooden panel, then overlaid with leaves, forming a surface that has the raw contours of the dried leaves.
    Rather than commanding the colors onto white canvas, you work with the natural surface and stains of the delicate leaves. All Lotus leaves are picked in Thailand, in an environmentally safe manner and handcrafted into your canvas. Every piece is unique!

    Our philosophy

    Melt away your stress and enter a state of relaxed flow of colors as you lose yourself in your art. Flex your creative muscle and paint a lotus masterpiece that is uniquely beautiful and uniquely yours. Simply bring yourself and your creativity.
    No art experience is necessary— We will guide you through the session. In the end of every session there is time for a personal talk about your work.