Papier d'Arménie

A unique and original home fragrance.

The history of Papier d’Arménie© starts in the 19th century when, on a trip to Armenia, Auguste Ponsot noticed the local people scented and disinfected their homes by burning benzoin. This traditional and ecologically-sound practice appealed, and he decided to import the product to France.

The 'Triple' traditional fragrance, first produced in 1885, with its sweet, vanilla and balsamic notes evocative of the Far East.

The 'Arménie' fragrance, realised in 2006. The aromas of incense and myrrh fit well with the woody and vanilla notes. The booklet is the outcome of a meeting Francis Kurkdjian, the famous perfumer.

The 'la Rose' fragrance is a duo designed with Francis Kurkdjian in 2009. With roses imported from Iran and Turkey, it builds a dual fragrance conveyed by a full-bodied rose, fruity as petal jam with a mellow touch.

In 1996, Papier d'Arménie develops its range with the 'Etoile d'Arménie' burner an ornamental item, allows the perfumed strips to diffuse their fragrance. Following by 'the Kit' in 2008, a portable burner which contains 1 booklet, matches and a compartment for burning the 'Papier d'Arménie'.

In 2007, the 'Triple' candle recreates the sensory experience of the legendary "triple' booklet, followed by 'La Rose' (2009) and 'Arménie' (2013).

In 2008 The Papier d'Arménie reissued the '1900' box showcases the old-fashioned design featuring awards won by the brand. This uniquely box contains 12 'Triple' booklets.
In 2016, they decided to renew the range with the 'Vintage' boxes inspired by the graphic style of this period, this new design reminds medals and diplomas won by the brand since 1885.