Orangerie du Roy, Pop Art Candle


The fragrant glow of a candle immediately fills a room with an inviting atmosphere.

Historiae is a luxury brand line which embodies creativity, know-how and French culture through a wide range of products: perfumes, perfumed soaps, scented candles and room fragrances.

Each fragrance is a unique creation that tells a story.

Made in France.

Printed glass cup with Historiae pattern inspiration.

Candle burn time is approximately 45 hours.

Size: Ø 7.5 cm  H 9 cm

Vegetable wax fill: approx. 190 g.


How to use

Ensure that the wick is straight and properly centered. Before each use, carefully snip the wick to a height of just half a centimeter.

To achieve the best results of your Historiae scented candle, it is recommended to place in a central part of the room for the perfume to evenly distribute throughout the space.

Additionally, keep the candle burning for a minimum of one hour to enjoy the full complexity of the fragrance and to keep the wax pool even.

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